Corporations are carefully building their workforce and talent pipeline to develop leaders and position for growth. In an environment where competition for skilled professionals is at an all-time high, you want to be sure your mobile employees and new hires experience straightforward and well-managed relocations.

That’s where we come in, with deep attention to detail in today’s complex marketplace. Our expertise is rooted in a solid foundation of corporate relocation, and years of experience serving a range of companies, demographics, and changing markets.

U.S. Census data notes that by the end of one year, more than one-tenth of the total population will be living in a home different from the one in which the year began. And those changing jobs move significantly more often than those not in that situation. When those moves are employer-generated, they can cost, on average, $80,000 per homeowning employee, says Worldwide ERC®, the workforce mobility association. That’s a significant investment, but businesses know they must rely on a mobile workforce to fulfill business strategy and initiatives. This means that the best talent needs to be in place and ready to be productive at the right time. We respect these business imperatives, and we also treasure the people you’re trusting with your future success. We’re a family that knows how to work with your employees and their families to minimize their disruption before, during and after the relocation. In fact, we are proud that we have maintained relationships with the employees we’ve served throughout their careers, often servicing multiple moves.

We’re also running a well-established business, and we are mindful of cost and of providing the highest value for the investment you’re making in your employees. We understand and provide careful stewardship of your relocation needs, from standard services to concierge-level personal attention.

Corporate relocation is a highly specialized profession. Be sure your relocation professionals are highly specialized, too.

MLS - The Kling Team

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